Personal Injury

No matter the degree of your injuries or the damage to your property, please contact our law office in Cumming, Georgia. Our attorneys litigate all types of personal injury claims.

Proven Results


$3.3 MILLION AUTO ACCIDENT SETTLEMENT: We obtained multi-million dollar settlement for a client who was severely injured in an automobile collision. The client was self-employed and unable to return to work for a long period of time. The Defendant employed a driver who was using a cell phone at the time of the accident. The settlement agreement was reached after numerous pretrial maneuvers which conveyed the severity of our client's claim to the opposition and prepared us for a Forsyth County jury trial.

Justice Served

Some injuries are unavoidable, but injuries caused by the negligence of someone else may be ground for a lawsuit. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries due to:

  • Car Accidents
  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Dog Bites

If you believe you sustained injuries because of the negligence of another, it is imperative you consult a personal injury lawyer from my firm as soon as possible. For example, it is extremely important to investigate and document the circumstances regarding an auto accident as soon as possible after the incident occurs. We will examine your case carefully to determine who was at fault, and we will seek a settlement through negotiation or an award at trial.

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